Hardin Memorial Hospital selects Voalte as clinical communication alternative of choice

First healthcare facility in Kentucky to optimize clinical workflow with Voalte solution

Voalte, the leader in clinical communication technology, today announced that Hardin Memorial Hospital, an acute healthcare facility that serves nearly 300,000 patients each year, has selected Voalte as its communication alternative of choice. Hardin Memorial Hospital is the first hospital in Kentucky to optimize its clinical workflow using the Voalte One™ platform.

In an effort to maximize nursing efficiency and improve care coordination, Hardin Memorial Hospital equipped several of its units, including the Emergency Department, Short-Term Care, Progressive Care and Pediatric Department with Voalte One, a fully integrated iPhone® application, and Voalte Connect™ powered by AirWatch™, a mobile device management solution. The integrated solution of 100 Voalte iPhones allows caregivers to spend more time by the bedside, ultimately enhancing patient safety and satisfaction.

“We identified a need to reduce nurse response time and simplify the communication process,” said Tom Carrico, Vice President of Hardin Memorial Health. “The Voalte One solution alleviates the stress that often stems from communication breakdowns and improves the overall workflow.”

Using Voalte One, hospital employees are able to make voice calls, receive alarm and alert notifications, and send and receive text messages using a visual directory. Voalte Connect allows the hospital to remotely manage each phone to protect sensitive information.

“The Voalte alternative streamlines clinical communication while maximizing the patient experience,” said Founder and President of Voalte, Trey Lauderdale. “By decreasing response time with Voalte One, nurses and other clinicians can spend more time in a caregiving role.”

During the third quarter, Hardin Memorial Hospital will install an additional 100 Voalte iPhones into the Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care Unit, Medical Care Unit, Radiology, Respiratory, Lab, Transport and Obstetrics.


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