Submission Guidelines


If you have a bylined article you would like to submit for consideration please note the following submission guidelines.

Articles typically range between 700-900 words. (Commentary 450-500 words) We ask that articles be submitted via email in Microsoft word, or if done in some other software, save in a text-only format (we cannot accept articles saved as a PDF).

Each article should be submitted with a “title”, and author byline and include the author’s title, employer and work location. If available, please submit the author’s head shot (we can only accept images that are hi resolution (300 dpi or larger saved as a jpeg, tiff or eps). We would also gladly accept any available accompanying images for the story.

We ask that work submitted has not been, and will not be, published elsewhere or provided to a competitor of Medical News without our written permission. We also ask that the work not violate any existing copyright, either in whole or on part, that it contains no libelous or otherwise unlawful statements, that it will not infringe upon any trademark, patent, proprietary personal, or statutory right of others, and that you have all the necessary permissions to use the materials that comprise the work.

IGE Media may make any editorial changes to content or format of the work without the consent of the author.

After the work has been published you may use, reproduce, and adapt the work for use in personal presentations, speeches, client newsletters, or for similar “internal” purposes. However, for any of these uses we ask that you include the following copyright notice on each copy:

Reproduced [or Adapted] with permission from Medical News, LLC

Vol. [Month, Year] Copyright or [Year Published]