Louisville-based Glennis Solutions cuts ribbon on new offices

By Karen McDonald

Managing senior living communities is a complex undertaking. Everything from the resident experience to medical records to billing, sales and revenue management must be in sync for effective operations and profitability.

Louisville-based Atria Senior Living has spent two decades creating and honing software applications to improve senior housing operations. Now, their technology solutions are available to all senior living providers – including all operators in the Commonwealth of Kentucky – through its subsidiary Glennis Solutions, LLC. Glennis cut the ribbon on its new office space for its 75 employees on June 16 in downtown Louisville.

Glennis offers the only fully integrated cloud-based software suite designed by senior housing professionals specifically to serve the needs of the senior living industry. Using decades of data innovation and management in all aspects of the senior living world, Glennis Solutions helps senior housing providers seamlessly manage the complex challenges faced by operators, residents, administrators and their staff.

Glennis builds, markets and supports the highest quality specialized software applications for all senior housing owners and operators. Its software suite covers the complete spectrum of daily life at senior living communities, from resident hospitality to care management. The Glennis product enables a 360-degree view of the resident and their care in an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, fully integrated cloud-based property management application.

The core Glennis Solutions suite includes:

  • Glennis Sales – A robust customer relationship management (CRM) product to manage sales and marketing functions, prioritize tasks, nurture leads and onboard prospects.
  • Glennis Revenue – Manages apartment inventory, streamlines billing, optimizes revenue
  • and cost efficiency.
  • Glennis Care – Generates digital care assessments and plans, resource management, mobile incident tracking and manages medication administration.
  • Quality – A mobile-first product that manages compliance and performance
  • against portfolio-wide standards, life safety issues and regulatory requirements.
  • Glennis Family App -Keeps families updated on the well-being of their loved ones and on community events and important news.

Atria Senior Living CEO John Moore said, “We wanted to make Glennis a business focusing on bringing to market the best of what we’ve learned using software applications to improve senior housing operations.”

Moore continued, “Unlike many startups, Glennis has begun life with a leadership team that is both experienced in the world of senior housing and software development – especially software development for senior housing applications.”

“The Glennis suite of products has been designed to improve the quality of resident care and outcomes, while also streamlining operations and improving profitability for the owners and managers of senior living communities,” said Brad Frasher, executive vice president of Glennis Solutions. “Over the last decade, our team has focused on building solutions that are easy to use, and that deliver value to residents, staff, operators and owners.”

Frasher said Glennis already has happy customers in and outside of the U.S., including Canada and the United Kingdom:

“Glennis gives us real-time data and insight which allows us to make better-informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities as they occur,” said Justin Vetter, CPA, Chief Financial Officer at Arcadia Communities.

“I needed a system that maximized the chances of sales success through effective lead management,” said Natasha Pocock, group sales and marketing manager at Porthaven Care Homes Group in the United Kingdom. “Glennis captures the data that allows us to understand our customer and their specific needs, enabling our staff to nurture this important decision-making process in a highly customized manner.”

“We’re excited to partner with more senior living providers around the globe to help advance their success, and to promote growth and excellence of the senior living industry overall,” added Frasher. “With Louisville as our home base, we’re especially proud to serve senior housing operators across Kentucky and bringing them the same kind of business success that we deliver for our clients across the country and across the globe.”

Karen McDonald is with Glennis Solutions.