VOA, Community Partners Launch Healthy Mouth, Healthy You Campaign with Senate Proclamation in Frankfort

As part of Children’s Dental Health Month, Volunteers of America has partnered with the Kentucky Beverage Association, Avesis and community partners across Kentucky on a campaign to improve oral health and overall wellness for all Kentuckians. The Healthy Mouth, Healthy You campaign brings awareness to the importance of oral health and connects families with dental care providers in their local communities.

“We are grateful to our community partners throughout Southeastern Kentucky for their partnership in making better oral health a priority — and a reality — for families in need,” said Jennifer Hancock, President and CEO of Volunteers of America Mid-States. “VOA sees the need for more awareness and access to professional dental care with the individuals and families we serve at Freedom House and Recovery Community Center. Education and outreach are key components of building healthier communities and ensuring our children have access to the oral health they need to maintain their overall health.”

The Healthy Mouth, Healthy You campaign uses a comprehensive approach to improve oral health, including awareness through social media, local outreach to build awareness of the importance of oral health and programs, and community events to connect families to treatment providers. Teaching children about proper dental care, regular dental check-ups, and balance in what they eat and drink will help establish good habits that will last a lifetime. 

The Kentucky State Senate recognized the importance of children’s oral health by passing a resolution declaring February 8 “Children’s Oral Health Awareness Day.”

“Good oral health early in a child’s development makes a significant difference toward their confidence and self-esteem the rest of their lives,” said Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester.  “Education and outreach is critical so parents understand the impact of regular checkups for their children’s overall good health, not just their teeth.”

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You provides individuals with the resources and support they need for better oral health. Together, their outreach and education will focus on all stages of oral health care, from educating pregnant women on the importance of oral health care to best practices for parents with children.

“Healthy Mouth, Healthy You is a simple concept that Kentucky Beverage Association is proud to support because we know it will lead to a variety of positive outcomes for Kentuckians,” said Sara Massey KBA Executive Director. “Beverage companies across Kentucky regularly support initiatives that improve opportunity and life in their communities, so joining with VOA on this project was a natural fit for the Kentucky Beverage Association. We are proud to help ensure our communities have access to resources to be successful in their oral health journey, including promoting balance in what individuals eat and drink.”

“We are pleased to partner with other leaders in the community to help bring awareness to the importance of oral health,” said Dr. Jerry Caudill, Assoc. National Dental Director & KY State Dental Director of Avesis.  “We have a lot of research that shows direct correlation between poor oral health and heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight babies, inflammation, and many other chronic conditions.  So, when we say a healthy mouth means a healthy you, we mean it.”

Those interested in learning more about Healthy Mouth, Healthy You can visit www.healthymouthhealthyyouky.org or join the online conversation at .