Appriss Health announces new company name—Bamboo Health

Appriss Health announced its new company name—Bamboo Health—following the acquisition of PatientPing earlier this year. Bamboo Health is focused on creating the most comprehensive and diverse care collaboration network in the country, by connecting every provider and payer to revolutionize all healthcare encounters.

Bamboo is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and health. The new company name reflects the combined company’s commitment to deliver whole person care coordination to improve health outcomes. Bamboo Health leverages Appriss Health’s and PatientPing’s existing network to deliver interoperable, cloud-based, care coordination software and analytics solutions, embedded within clinical workflow.

Bamboo Health supports more than 2,500 hospitals, 37 payers, 7,800 post-acute facilities, 25,000 pharmacies, and 45 state governments. The company already reaches more than one million acute and ambulatory providers in their workflow through integrations into hundreds of EMR vendors, every national pharmacy chain, and nearly every independent pharmacy system vendor. This extensive infrastructure and network support the exchange of applications, information, and actionable insights between these providers, health plans, and state governments in more than one billion patient encounters per year.

“We looked to nature for inspiration as we established our vision for the combined company and bamboo captures the essence of everything we aspire to be,” said Rob Cohen, president and general manager of Bamboo Health. “Bamboo is strong, resilient, nourishing, fast-growing, and aesthetically pleasing. The very same qualities describe our company’s ability to adapt and expand quickly in service to a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Our combined solutions, network, and interoperable technology platform support both a patient’s physical and behavioral health by offering providers a full view of their patient, transforming whole person care delivery and improving outcomes.”

Bamboo Health’s technology solutions are fully integrated into the clinical workflow, meeting the moment for more accessible, coordinated care by connecting payers, clinicians, and the broader care team. This nationwide network supports patients’ physical and behavioral health needs achieving the next big advance in value-based care, by reducing administrative burden and cost while improving health outcomes.

Appriss was founded in 1994 as a data and analytics company. About a decade ago, Appriss Health formed as the company began to build technological solutions to help combat the growing opioid crisis in the United States. Appriss Health became known for its solutions that help to reduce substance use disorder, and further expanded into the behavioral healthcare space with the acquisition of OpenBeds in 2019. With the acquisition of PatientPing, the nation’s leading care collaboration platform, in 2021, the company – now known as Bamboo Health – was able to integrate solutions for both physical and behavioral healthcare, for more personalized, patient-centric care.