Glennis Solutions unveils new offerings

Glennis Solutions, LLC, a leading senior housing software business created by senior living professionals, has announced three innovative product offerings. The new products help senior living providers optimize their care staffing, improve medication management accuracy and safety, and automate and optimize annual residential rate changes:

Resource Management Tool – This new enhancement to the Glennis Care platform helps operators manage the timing of staff assignments to minimize over- or under-allocation of resources. There’s no new equipment to buy and no additional staff training required. The Resource Management Tool performs intelligent scheduling of routine care activities to help manage staffing expenses, and it automatically comes with the turnkey Glennis Care offering.

Auto-Rate – Glennis offers a better alternative to managing annual rate increases on spreadsheets with an automated process that saves time, improves accuracy and optimizes revenue. Auto-Rate, a cornerstone feature of Glennis Revenue, allows operators to set new rates based on percentages, fixed amounts or previously negotiated rates, which can then be applied to select residents or to all residents in a community without having to adjust each record individually.

Glennis ACCUflo – The latest innovation for the Glennis eMAR solution for senior living providers is a single scan for multi-dose pouches when conducting med passes. This prevents the need to scan each medication individually, providing huge time savings and reducing the possibility of giving residents the wrong medication. ACCUflo supports barcode scanning from sources outside a resident’s pharmacy, including mail-order and VA prescriptions.