Who we reach

Covering the business of healthcare for more than 25 years.

Medical News, an IGE Media publication, is the leading source for the healthcare business community to stay informed, grow their businesses and build relationships around important issues. We are the community for the leaders of the region’s healthcare businesses.

Who you are

Medical News is a community of healthcare business leaders across key healthcare markets in the Central US (Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus) who want to change the system and who are working hard to grow their businesses

Key Audiences

Payors, Employers, Health systems, Providers and the entire ecosystem of people in the business of healthcare

Ideal Sponsors

Services firms – law, accounting, banking, HR

SaaS companies – from point solutions to platforms

Providers – mental health, physical therapy and other outpatient providers who seek referrals from other providers

How we help

Introduce and reinforce your brand

Amplify your content marketing efforts

Connect people in the business of healthcare

How we do it

High quality content written and curated by industry veterans – with a focus on people who change the system and grow their businesses

Where we focus

Key healthcare markets in the Central US that are home to many of the nation’s largest health plans (Humana, Elevance, CareSource), a wide array of national and regional healthcare providers and some of the most significant entrepreneurial and investment activity in the business of healthcare today. Major markets include Louisville, KY; Indianapolis, IN; Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, OH.