20 Years

20 Years

Much has happened in healthcare in the past 20 years.  What has happened to your company?  To be included in our celebration, please email .


Twenty years ago, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital opened the general rehabilitation unit.  Our hospital not only remodeled the spinal cord unit, but increased the bed capacity.  Soon after, we opened the first Young Adult Day Program inCentral Kentuckyand the Lyman V. Ginger Pediatric.  We’ve started new programs, built new care centers and continue to serve the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We serve five inpatient units and strive to maintain our mission of being a benchmark in the nation for excellence in physical rehabilitation services.


Twenty years ago Humana spun off its 77-hospital business as Galen Health Care Inc. and focused on insurance.  Humana has embraced change while remaining focused on its key business philosophies.


Twenty years ago, Seven Counties Services, Inc. was entering its 13th year as the region’s primary provider of behavioral health care and developmental services.  1991 was a year of service growth for our company.  We more than doubled the staff providing case management services to individuals with several mental illness and children with severe emotional disorders.  We expanded outpatient addictions treatment services beyond the walls of the Jefferson County Alcohol and Drug Abuse center in downtown Louisville and into our outlying service centers, including those in the surrounding rural counties. In 1991, Seven Counties opened its Acute Child Psychiatric Service, still a cornerstone of our comprehensive services for children in crisis and their families.  In Developmental Services, our staff helped 60 individuals make the transition from life in an institution to community living.  Our greatest pride, however, comes from knowing that despite the many challenges of the last two decades, not the least of which has been acquiring adequate resources to serve all in need, we have remained true to our mission as a community behavioral health and developmental services organization.


Spencerian College celebrates its 120th birthday this year.  Since our inception in 1892, we’ve remained true to our roots.  Our mission is to provide people with the quality training in the business, technical and healthcare professions.  In the history book Beginning of the Business School, author Charles G. Reigner said the name Spencerian is a name well known among American people; that it’s an honored name.  It’s been an honor serving our students and we hope for many more years to come.



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