Brian Orms

Brian Orms
Creative Director

Brian Orms is creative director for IGE Media, where he is responsible for the layout of both Medical News and Medical News for You. Brian also is involved with the creation of internal ads, print material and branding for IGE Media.

As well as assuming his current role in 2011, in 2004 Brian established K.O. Studio, a design studio that offers creative services to a wide range of local and national clients. Brian received his education at the University of Louisville, receiving a degree in Studio Art with a focus on Drawing. Outside of work, Brian spends time with his daughter and enjoys music and film.

Favorite part of my job: Being a part of the dynamic IGE Media team.
Proudest moment of my job: Seeing each issue in print for the first time.
First job out of college: Cartoonist for the Louisville Eccentric Observer
Best healthcare experience: The Best Healthcare Experience I have had was the night my daughter received stitches at age two. It was late on a Saturday night – and a relatively small cut, but she was quickly admitted into the ER and I was present to calm her through the procedure.
One thing my colleagues would be surprised to know about me: I don’t have a favorite sports team.
What book is currently on my nightstand? Patton Oswalt’s Zombie, Spaceship, Wasteland
Dream vacation: A full month in Great Britain
Favorite T.V. show: 30 Rock
Favorite restaurant: Bistro 301
Favorite movie: Back to the Future
Favorite band: Galactic
On Sunday morning you’ll most likely find me… In the kitchen preparing breakfast.
You’ll most likely find this drink on my desk? Mountain Dew