If you’re not using infographics, you’re doing your content marketing wrong

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace

Marketing has changed substantially over the decades, perhaps most rapidly over the last decade with the widespread use of social media. Content marketing is believed to be the future of marketing. Press releases and mass marketing emails no longer cut it.

Consumers these days see the value in authenticity and want to do business with brands that go out of their way to build personal relationships with customers.

Content marketing involves many different facets, but it is probably most widely associated with blogging and social media. These mediums of communication opened up a whole new world for individuals, giving them a fast and easy way to stay in touch with one another.

From sharing pictures and stories to measuring Klout and keeping up with celebrities, there is something for everyone in the world of social media. In this fast paced digital age people want a lot of information fast, while also entertained in the process.

state of infographics smallReaching Consumers 

Social media has been an indispensable tool for businesses to reach and engage with their customers. Social media made it possible to connect consumers and suppliers with one another, putting them on a playing field that has never been so level. Consumers are through with commercials and blatant ads, they want something with substance and entertainment value. Why not give them what they want?

The infographic is a creative and effective way of marketing, without seeming like a heartless corporation. Instead of pushing the tried and true methods of advertising onto consumers, meet them halfway with an interesting, fun and informative infographic.

The idea is that you create content that is useful or entertaining to your audience instead of focusing on a sales pitch. Infographics take a large chunk of information and chop it up into an easily digestible, well-organized narrative that is visually appealing.

Research Matters
Infographics aren’t magic, though. It takes more than just a bunch of words and pictures thrown together to create one. Research matters, narrative matters, and design matters. When all these elements come together, infographics can make for wildly successful content marketing. When you give people something they want, you show that you understand them and that you care. That’s really what content marketing is all about.

– Brian Wallace is president and founder of NowSourcing in Louisville, Ky.


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