KentuckyOne Health to offer virtual urgent care across Commonwealth

Kentuckians to have 24/7 access to doctors online and over phone

KentuckyOne Anywhere Care will launch on November 1, allowing Kentuckians to receive urgent care without leaving home—by consulting with a medical professional over the phone or by web camera, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. KentuckyOne, the largest health system in Kentucky, is among the first hospital systems in the U.S. to make such a service available to the public.

“KentuckyOne Health’s purpose is to expand access to quality health care, no matter where you live in the Commonwealth; KentuckyOne Anywhere Care is one way we are doing that,” said Ruth W. Brinkley, chief executive officer of KentuckyOne. “This service gives consumers a new option for how and when they access health care. We will be there for you when you’re not feeling well–after hours, weekends and when you are traveling.”

KentuckyOne Anywhere Care will cost $35 per visit and is paid by patients, whether or not they are covered by insurance. The cost is less than typical urgent care and a fraction of the cost of a normal emergency room visit.

New or established patients can request a visit on the KentuckyOne Anywhere Care website or by calling a toll-free phone number. They will receive a phone or video chat call from a medical provider within 30 minutes.

With KentuckyOne Anywhere Care, patients will have access to board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners for around-the-clock medical diagnosis and treatment planning. If needed, the KentuckyOne Anywhere Care provider will refer patients for a follow-up clinic visit or to an emergency department.

As with other primary care providers, KentuckyOne Anywhere Care providers may prescribe medications, recommend an over-the-counter medication, or provide home care options. Providers will not prescribe or refill prescriptions for controlled substances.

KentuckyOne Anywhere Care will be offered through a partnership with Carena, Inc., a pioneer in the use of telemedicine. Carena has been providing virtual medical care services since 2010 and today serves over 500,000 patients in its corporate programs, and more than 1 million consumers for the Franciscan Health System in Tacoma, Washington. Common issues addressed include urinary tract infections, sinus infections, flu,

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upper respiratory infections, allergies, rashes and pink eye.

“Carena has a long history of making health care more accessible and affordable for patients on their terms. Our 98 percent satisfaction rating demonstrates that patients value the convenience and quality of virtual care,” said Ralph C. Derrickson, Carena’s president and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with KentuckyOne Health and help to showcase how technology can change the face of health care delivery in the United States.”

Prior to launching KentuckyOne Anywhere Care to the public, KentuckyOne will make the service available to all its employees who live in Kentucky, beginning later this month.

“With KentuckyOne Anywhere Care, we can provide primary care to more Kentuckians, while saving them time, hassle and expense,” Brinkley added. “We can treat conditions before they become more acute, as well as prevent unnecessary and costly emergency room visits. All of this adds up to a healthier Kentucky.”


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