Merger of several leading physician groups in Kentuckiana

ONE Management Services Company, a multi-specialty management services organization owned and governed by physicians, today announced the merger of several leading physician groups in the specialties of anesthesia and pediatrics. These groups represent more than 84 anesthesiologists, 29 pediatric physicians and nearly 70 advanced practice nursing professionals.

Williams and Wagner, PSC; Anesthesia Associates of Louisville, PSC; Anesthesia Associates of Clark County, PSC and Southern Indiana Anesthesia Consultants, LLC will merge to form ONE Anesthesia. Pediatrics of Bullitt County, PLLC; Prospect Pediatrics, PSC; East Louisville Pediatrics, PSC; South Louisville Pediatrics, PSC; Springs Pediatrics, PLLC; All-Star Pediatrics, PSC and Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group will merge to form ONE Pediatrics, PLLC.

These mergers have taken place as a result of the groups’ desires to improve patient care, reduce operating expenses and increase the groups’ ability to meet the needs of their patients and health system partners.

Dr. Melvin Bush, President of ONE Anesthesia, and John Adessa, CEO of ONE Management Services Company (ONE), believe that, “As health systems seek to develop delivery systems that can operate more efficiently, provide high levels of care, and operate within fixed and declining budgets, these ONE-affiliated groups will be better equipped to meet the needs of their facility partners and patients.”

The merged entities will utilize ONE Management Services Company for comprehensive management services support. ONE will provide the management infrastructure, skilled leadership, process improvement, information systems and economies of scale necessary for the physicians to succeed in today’s changing healthcare market. With this type of support, the physician groups can remain independent and maintain 100% control of their practices.

“With these mergers,” said Tim Heine, MD and Chairman of the Board for Ohio River Valley Associates (a regional MSO affiliate of ONE), “ONE Anesthesia and ONE Pediatrics are now positioned as leading providers of anesthesia and pediatrics in the region. Already strong clinical entities, the new structure will enhance patient care quality initiatives, operating efficiencies and processes and give the groups a more robust

technological advantage.”

“We are excited about the opportunities for growth and increased financial viability as a result of these mergers,” said Lawrence Jones, President of ONE Pediatrics, “The strong management expertise will allow us to focus on doing what we do best, care for the patient and be valuable team members to our clinical colleagues and healthcare facility partners.”

These providers serve patients in more than 9 hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers as well as 7 clinics in the area. ONE will now be a leading manager of anesthesia and pediatric practices in the greater Kentuckiana area with comprehensive services including recruitment of physicians and other providers, credentialing services, billing and collection, clinical and process improvement, information technology as well as other services.