Seven Counties elects board of directors, announces executive committee

Judge David Holton II, chair of Seven Counties Services, Inc.’s Board of Directors, announces the election of Maresa Fawns, Shelby County;  Gary Marsh, Jefferson County,  David Miller, Jefferson County, and Matt Miller, Oldham County.

Maresa Fawns is the representative for Shelby County to the Board. Maresa’s family receives services from Seven Counties and she would like to help improve the lives of those affected by a developmental disability. Ms. Fawns serves as the Association Executive for the Kentucky Justice Association. 

Gary Marsh brings 40 years of healthcare experience to the Board, particularly in the residential setting. Gary currently serves as the Senior Living President and CEO for Masonic Homes of Kentucky. Mr. Marsh’s primary interest area is with substance abuse.

David Miller brings many years of experience in the hospital setting, serving in various leadership roles within the Norton Hospital system. David now serves as a consultant and partner for the Healthcare Strategy Group. Mr. Miller believes in the essential community services that Seven Counties provides and is thrilled to be in a position to help through his board membership.

Matt Miller recently relocated with his family from Ohio. Matt serves as a Senior Loan Underwriter for Farm Credit Services. Matt feels compelled to search for ways to help others, as organizations like Seven Counties have come to the aid of his family in their time of need.

In addition the following board members have been elected to serve a one year term on the Executive Committee:

Judge David Holton, II         Chairman of the Board

Sara Huggins                             Secretary of the Board

Kay Jolly                                     Vice Chair of the Board

Paul O’Flynn                              Vice Chair of the Board

Michael Ringswald                  Treasurer of the Board


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