Trauma Center verified by American College Surgeons

University of Louisville Hospital (ULH) has been re-verified as a Level 1 Trauma Center by the American College Surgeons (ACS). This achievement recognizes the trauma center’s dedication to providing the highest level of care for injured patients. ULH is the only Level 1 adult trauma center in the region.

Serving more than one hundred counties in Kentucky and Indiana, the Trauma Center at University of Louisville Hospital admits more than 3,000 patients each year. It’s a unique life preserving resource, blending the expertise of every critical medical specialty when seconds matter most. The Trauma Team is staffed in-house 24-7, 365 days a year.

In addition to critical care, verified trauma centers must also provide a significant amount of preventive care through education. ULH fulfills this mission with its Trauma Institute reaching and teaching more than 5,000 citizens and 2,000 health professionals a year.

ACS does not designate trauma centers but, rather, provides confirmation that a trauma center has demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest quality of care for all trauma patients. University of Louisville Hospital is proud to be the home to the first trauma center in the nation, pioneering the concept first in 1911. This verification follows a site visit by an ACS review team in June. Finding no areas of concern, ASC has extended Level 1 verification through June, 2015.


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