Workshop teaches nurses creative expression

UK HealthCare Nurses participated in a UK HealthCare nurses recently participated in a movement workshop titled “Caring for the Caregiver,” conducted by Suzanne Costello, director of Arts and Healthcare for Stuart Pimsler Dance

& Theater.

During the workshop, participants learned ways to use creative expression to enhance their personal health.

“We understand the amazing work our caregivers do every day, and we also understand that they need an outlet to express their feelings,” said Jackie Hamilton, director of the UK HealthCare Arts in HealthCare Program. “We hope that, through this workshop, participants were able to gain some healing through art in their own lives, and that they can transfer it to others in their daily work.”

“The day was very much needed, helpful and appreciated,” said Raymond Young, Clinic/Pre-op/PACU manager and anethesia pre-op nurse. “The caring and compassionate nature of the presenters was evident throughout the day as they helped us to relax and unwind.

“As we all know, sometimes caregivers are so focused on providing care that we forget that if we do not take some time to care for ourselves, there will be a point at which we can no longer provide effective care,” Young added. “The workshop helped us to bring this thought back into focus.”