Go Digital and Stay Sober

The FDA now approves Digital Therapeutics. What are they? Basically, it’s Therapy delivered on an app. The app uses artificial intelligence to share guidance with people based on their responses to simple questions.

The backbone for these systems is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). According to the American Psychological Association, CBT treats “what is going on in the person’s current life . . . [and] moving forward in time to develop more effective ways of coping with life.”

Pear Therapeutics offers two solutions that that support outpatient treatment. They also offer a patient service center to guide patients, employers and payors through this new type of experience. This treatment is reimbursed by some payors.

BehaVR offers a virtual reality solution for substance use disorders that also supports outpatient treatment. Their equipment is accompanied by a cloud-based “Dynamic Experience Engine” that logs patient interactions, directs session progression and enables analytics and clinical information sharing. BehaVR’s solution is sold on a subscription basis to providers.

Digital Therapeutics move care to where it’s needed – the fingertips of people working through substance use and addiction.

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