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Beyond a help desk

Highlands Health System’s IT Department may be small, but it is always up to the task. Most information technology (IT) departments manage multiple systems. Now imagine managing all IT systems for a hospital, six remote clinics, two retail pharmacies, an after-hour’s clinic, an autism center, a wellness center and several owned physician practices—with only a

UofL math wizards provide analysis to advance health sciences

National Public Health Week is April 1-7 From historical origins in agriculture to contemporary applications in clinical interventions and pharmaceutical development, statistics is a corner stone of innovation and research. In light of the International Year of Statistics (Statistics 2013), the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences is recognizing the important role of biostatisticians

Norton Healthcare receives Quest for Quality Award from Morrisey Associates

Award recognizes healthcare system for exemplary use of care management software  Norton Healthcare has received the Quest for Quality Award from Morrisey Associates for exemplary use of Morrisey’s care management software. Norton Healthcare, a leading health care system in the Louisville region, received the award at Morrisey’s recent National User Group Meeting in Chicago, recognizing

University of Louisville one of only six to receive Oracle award for technology innovation

One early milestone in a child’s development is knowing his or her colors. A new health management program designed by the University of Louisville increases the importance of Knowing Your Colors. And Oracle on Tuesday, Oct. 2, named the project one of the six most innovative ideas of the year at its annual showcase. A

Five tips for negotiating IT contracts

When acquiring new IT products healthcare businesses need to keep their eye on the ball. In this trying economy, businesses in the healthcare field are under pressure to increase performance while reducing staff and overhead. Additionally, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides for the payment of billions of dollars in Medicare and

Ten reasons to engage in shared services initiatives

Outsourcing can lead to costs savings, operational efficiencies and core competency focus. By Sydney Scarborough Outsourcing facility and real estate services can be of immense strategic advantage to hospitals and health systems. Outsourcing, sometimes referred to as shared services delivers a vast range of benefits, including reduced costs, streamlined operations and better facilities management. Equally